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Covid-19 Updates

***COVID-19 Training Protocol***

July 17,2020

Hello Fellow Instructors, I have started teaching traditional classroom courses again.
I am finding that the changes that I am making are very minimal from the protocol I set forth for the eLearning Skills Sessions.

I am following all the same steps and protocol other than the following additions:

  • * All participants have received and read the course materials prior to the course, therefore they are walking into the classroom prepared. (They are not required to do the eLearning).
  • * I review the course agenda and guidelines in detail (I do not show the DVD – to decrease classroom time due to COVID-19).
  • *I have increased the number of participants attending, according to the space of my classroom, STILL allowing for social distancing. (If I teach at their on-site space and the space is smaller, I communicate that we may be close in proximity and if anyone is uncomfortable with that, they can schedule a Skills Session with me instead.)

    It is imperative that all the participants feel safe and comfortable in our classroom.

I am a very experienced Instructor and I am MUCH more comfortable teaching Skills Sessions than the traditional courses, but I have decided to make them available.

It is a very strong possibility that this will be our new normal. You are allowed and able to teach traditional Courses or Skills Sessions. (This is your choice, according to your comfort level).

In short, we are back to normal teaching but must follow LifeSavers COVID-19 safety protocols.

Please be sure to be vigilant at following the protocols stated previously on this site, dated May 8th, 2020.

July 1,2020

I have just started teaching AHA traditional CPR courses again.

I will have an updated post by the end of next week with my recomendations of my experience returning to teaching traditional courses during this continued COVID-19 pandemic.

Thank you for checking back and continuing to keep our participants safe.

May 8,2020

I am happy to share that the trial eLearning & Blended Skills Sessions I held this week went quite smoothly.
I am sure it was due to all the research, problem-solving and brainstorming that was put into the planning and set-up.

After holding 3 trials, I feel confident that AHA Skills Sessions can be provided by LifeSavers Training Center Instructors, but ONLY if you follow this protocol.
I also continue to strongly discourage traditional classes at this time.

As AHA Instructors, we continue to be the most integral part of the learning experience.
It is our responsibility to assure the health and safety for all participants.

If you are going to provide any AHA training, it is mandatory that you follow this COVID-19 Protocol.
If you are not comfortable following these steps, continue to refrain from providing training.

If this protocol is unclear to you, in whole or part, please email or call me at your convenience.

Please continue to check LifeSavers for updates to this COVID-19 Training Protocol.

Each Participant MUST:

  • * Provide and apply their own mask (fitting snuggly on face with no gaps) before entering the classroom.
  • * Wash their hands for 20 seconds with soap and water before entering the classroom.
  • * Refrain from touching face, mask, and cell phone. If you touch any of these, immediately hand sanitize thoroughly.
  • * Minimize the items and surfaces that you touch.
  • * Practice Social Distancing while in the classroom (Stay at least 6 feet away from others at all times).
  • * Hand Sanitize immediately after skill session is complete.
  • * Wash your hands for 20 seconds with soap and water as soon as possible after class.

Each Instructor MUST:

  • * Read the above COVID-19 Protocol to all participants.
  • * Follow all of the above protocol and assure students are adhering to the protocol.
  • * Provide a space/classroom large enough to assure Social Distancing is practiced the entire duration of the Skills Session.
  • * Review the AHA eLearning & Blended Learning Course steps, assuring you conduct the skills sessions correctly. (See AHA Instructor Network)
  • * Secure the participants Certificate of Completion (Part 1 – eLearning) by requesting they email it to you or they place it in an inbox prior to the skills portion. (No hand exchange) A skills session CANNOT take place unless Part 1, On-Line has been completed and shown to the Instructor prior to Part 2 & 3, the Skills Practice and Skills Test.
  • * Schedule no more than 4 participants per Skills Session, if you have the equipment. Assure the space provided allows 6 feet between participants. If you are new to Skills Sessions, start with 1-2 participants.
  • * Be prepared to only simulate teamwork/group activity. For example, a participant taking over compressions, bringing in a mask, a bag valve mask, and/or AED needs to be performed at their own skills station. Assure each participant practices each skill thoroughly.
  • * Each step must be practiced and tested, with the exception of breathing. All participants will be wearing a face mask, therefore, they should simulate applying the mask on the manikin, opening the airway and then they should say, ”Breath 1 - Breath 2.”
  • * Make sure the manikins are positioned so you can see the feedback device/lights from 6 feet away.
  • * Instruct each participant to perform skills on themselves, if teaching Heartsaver First Aid.
  • * Provide several Skills Practice (Part 2) scenarios with participants before conducting the Skills Test (Part 3). Keep in mind, there is no prompting or talking during the Skills Test. You must fill out the Skills Testing Checklist during the Test. Once successfully completed, you may send them home with the completed Skills Testing Checklist (see Instructor Manual).
  • * Set-up of all needed equipment in front of each participant, prior to the class. (Absolutely NO equipment can be shared). This can be on a table or floor, as long as the surface can be disinfected thoroughly.
  • * Provide easy access of hand sanitizer and disinfectant for all participants and instructors at all times.
  • * Include the following information in the confirmation letter to each participant: If you are experiencing any of the following, please reschedule your Skill Session: *fever *tiredness *dry cough *aches and pains *runny nose * dry throat *diarrhea
  • * Disinfect all equipment and surfaces thoroughly, immediately following each Skills Session.
  • * Allow a minimum of 30 minutes between Skills Sessions for disinfecting all equipment and surfaces thoroughly.
  • * Assure all Rosters are filled out and handled by Instructor only – no sharing pens or computers.

{Images below are an example of the Skills Station set-up I used}

LifeSavers Classroom Set-up


LifeSavers Classroom Set-up Sample